AM Menu - Full App Style Mega Menu

The "AM Menu" is a responsive, fully customizable and App style mega menu that comes with built-in image lightbox, dropdowns, (auto colorful) cloud tags and variety of CSS3 and SVG animations.

Written in HTML, CSS3 and jQuery

AM Menu UI Features

  1. Place for Brand Logo
  2. Search Form
  3. Navigation Links
  4. Dropdowns
  5. Items Grid
  6. Photo Gallery
  7. Colorful Cloud Tags

Main Features

AM Menu Settings

Choose color from the following tray.

Plain Color

Gradient Color

Fixed on Top
Glass Effect
Background Dim Overlyer

Main Generated Script

   theme: 'default-theme',
   dimOverLayer: true,
   fixed: true,
   textShadow: false,
   glassEffect: false,

AM Menu UX Effects

Following are the some basic effects added to this menu for the best User Experience.

  1. Sliding Effects (Left, Right Up and Down)
  2. Fading Effects (In and Out)
  3. Bounce In
  4. Menu Trigger Bars to Cross (SVG)
  5. Search Trigger Icon to Cross (CSS3)
  6. Search Box Border Effect (SVG)